Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Photoshop "projects"

Here are some of the Photoshop projects that I've done so far. I downloaded PW's Action Sets and I've been trying to figure some of those out too. Well I think I've mastered 1 or 2 so far but with time and practice I'll get more "mastered." The photo's I used were just some that I found on the hard drive...I'm guessing they were borrowed off the net at some point but I can't tell you from where cause I have no idea.

The photo above is the orginial

The same photo using the "Diffused Glow" filter

Using the "Colored Pencil" Filter

Using the "Dry Brush" filter

Using the "Smudge Stick" filter

Using the "Facet" filter

Here's another original

This is PW's "Sharpen This" Action Set

Here's another original

This is using PW's "Sepia tone" Action Set

This is using PW's "Sharpen This" Action Set


  1. I really have to work on my photoshop skills as well. I recently got a new camera and have GOT to master the software! Your photos look great.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  2. I love the photos. I am terrible at picture taking and I can't imagine where in the city of L.A. I'd fine A horse never mind three of them.


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