Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An oldie but a goodie.....

I was looking through my really old Blogger blog (well 3 blogs ago anyway) and I found the following post....It made me giggle so I thought that I would share it with you too.

Well last night at work was pretty uneventful. Boring to be blunt. Well that was until I was told to rearrange the cooler. It was pretty much rearranged and sorted by pull group (we pull things from our stockrooms to replenish what our store's guests purchased during the day). The only real problem that there was in the cooler was there wasn't much moving around room due to three pallets of milk in the cooler. Two pallets were just your basic different types of milk, the third was a pallet of Silk soy milk. After I was done tweaking the cooler I was to put the cases of Silk up on top of the shelving that we have in our cooler....Now each case had 6 1/2 gallon containers in it and after about the 10th one they started getting really heavy! And 90 minutes it took me to get the whole pallet put up, because I had to start over. Apparently, I was not putting the cases up the way I was supposed to or something of that nature. So now as a result of this project I am not a big fan of Silk. But in the word's of Stewie from Family Guy ..... "Victory is MINE!"

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