Monday, January 5, 2009

Johnny and June

Heidi Newfield's "Johnny and June"

Taylor Swift "Love Story"

I've changed my blog background again....I went with a springy feel.....Hoping it will make this miserable winter we're having a little more bearable. My mission to eliminate clutter in my blogs sidebar has come to a halt....I've added just some of the blogs that I read back into my sidebar (I missed having you "guys" there.) I've almost completed my first major knitting project...The scarf that I was going to give my mom for Christmas but I didn't get it done in time. No pictures of it yet but I'll post some when I get it done. Also on the knitting front, I taught myself how to do the purl stitch...It wasn't nearly as hard as my brother's fiancee made it out to be.

I'm going to put this shout out too....Y'all should stop by my blogging pal Tara's blog. Tara and her husband Michael (also known as Oby) have a little girl named Chole that is a real inspiration to a lot of people (Click Here to Learn more about Chole), see Chole has West Syndrome (a seizure disorder) as well as some significant developemental delays. I LOVE checking out Tara's blog because it seems like there is another "little" miracle everyday. You'll be hooked...I know I was.

Now I'm off to watch Sabrina....The one with Harrison Ford....Unfortunately I haven't seen the classic version yet.



  1. My roommate loves that version of Sabrina. I've never been able to make it all the way through: I tried when I was sick last year and fell asleep. I have seen the original one several times and really like it.

  2. Way to go on finishing your scarf! Can't wait for the pics :)

    I too love Tarah's blog!


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