Monday, April 6, 2009

Operation Petticoat

The next movie on my list is Operation Petticoat. A comedic war-time movie starring Carey Grant and Tony Curtis. If you love a good laugh you will definately enjoy this movie.

Cary Grant is the Commander of the Sea Tiger, a submarine with more problems than crew members.
His troubles begin when the sub sinks before even leaving the harbor during a Japanese raid. Commander Sherman (Grant) and his men begin working to repair and bring up their beloved sub despite the fact that their requisition orders rarely are filled.
Due to the fact that some of his men were reassigned to other duties after the raid, Sherman is granted some "replacement's"--enter Lt. Nicholas Holden (Tony Curtis).
Holden is in the Navy not for the purpose of country but for the uniform so he can impress his rich girlfriend back home. Since he is no longer winning the rumba championships with the Admiral's wife he must settle into a role on the Sea Tiger--scavenging for items to repair the sub.
With new and inventive ways of obtaining supplies the Sea Tiger once again becomes sea worthy-- just barely.
But none of Holden's scavenging compares to the unexpected "guests" that are brought aboard the Sea Tiger....I'm not going to give it away....See this movie!
Cary Grant is charming as ever and deals with the many, many problems and situations thrown at him in such funny ways. Tony Curtis is equally charming and lends very much to this film.
Highlights of the movie: "Sea Men Hornsby," the unusal color of the sub
Best line of the movie: "Get that THING out of my engine room!"

A scene from the movie


Talk to me goose....