Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holy crap I totally missed Friday!

I usually post my blessings for the week on Friday's but I was having a "moment" and totally forgot to do them until right now. So here we go:

We won't even touch the work front because there is absolutely NOTHING good that happened at work last week....I could hardly wait for it to be Tuesday morning so I could clock out and not be owned by anyone for 3 whole days. I guess that was the only good thing that happend work related wise...Tuesday finally arrived.

Wednesday I tried a new bread recipe....Which I really like and will definately be making again. If you want to check out the post that I followed to make this recipe click HERE. I made 5 loaves of bread for the cost of a bag of flour....You can't even go out and buy 5 loaves of bread for the cost of a bag of flour right now in our economy.

I'm in the process of working on my list of 100 movie's I Think You Should See Before You Die....I've already got three posted already, Secondhand Lions, The Searchers, and Friendly Persuasion. I've even come up with a SUPER HUGE Giveaway for when my list is complete....You could win a copy of every single movie on my list plus a few extra little added bonuses too.

I don't think spring will ever show up here in Wisconsin. It's been colder than hell around here for the past few days and it's apparently not supposed to get warm again at all the rest of this week. Mother Nature is about to get some "not so fan mail" from a very dis-satisfied customer!

That's about all I know for this week. Maybe next week I'll remember to do my blessings on time. :)



  1. Okay, I'm excited to see your list. I love movies and am always looking for good ones that I haven't seen before!

  2. I just know Dirty Dancing is on your list. Am I right?

    The Texas Woman

  3. A contest where the prize is 100 movies? Wowza! I'm excited to hear more!

  4. Darn groundhog! I hope the sun comes out for you soon!

  5. I love making homemade bread! Love it!

  6. I copied the recepie for the bread and have all the I just have to tackle the job, although I'm gonna have to cut it way back cause we don't eat that much bread.


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