Thursday, December 11, 2008

Minneapolis Minnesota PBR event Dear Diary

Minneapolis was AWESOME!

ROUND ONE: The first night the airline lost Flint’s luggage on a DIRECT flight from Montana…I wonder how THAT works? Flint’s “thing” for the night was the Olympic games…the luger’s especially! Oh but then again there was “I’m a clownboy, on a steel barrel I ride, Wanted Dead or Alive!” The PBR also did an AWESOME tribute to Greg Crabtree….complete with Brad Paisley’s song “When I Get Where I’m Going.” Rob Smets wasn’t there…he had a prior engagement – Dylan’s basketball tournament. Frank, Dennis, and Joe did a great job as usual protecting the cowboys. Cody Whitney won the round with a 91.25 on Joe Simon’s Cooter. My traveling partner and I realized that Brian Canter is a TINY little thing. We are talking they should call him “shortstack” short.

ROUND TWO:Flint found his luggage and all was right with the world again! Guess what?! Santa Claus is a closet PBR fan….I know this cause he was at the last night of the event. We sat in front of a VERY intoxicated woman who would not shut up. Betcha ya can’t guess which bull won the round for Travis Briscoe? COOTER!!! With a 90.25! That Cooter has got fire in his belly if you ask me. Well because of the New Years party my traveling partner and I cut out at the intermission to make sure that we got our tickets….BIG MISTAKE…we were there about an hour before every one else. Heard through the grapevine that Matt Bohon won it…confirmed it when we watched the short-go on Sunday night.

AFTER PARTY:OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun!! After we got our tickets and our VIP card to get complimentary drinks we processed to inhale as much Bud Light as humanly possible – we didn’t pay for a single drink that night. Sunny Ledfurd was AWESOME. Nothing like a couple hundred drunkish (not everyone part took in adult beverages I’m sure…I did though) people singing “Family Tradition.” Ross Coleman and his girlfriend Amy started the dancing off right….looking at him you wouldn’t think he’d be that great of a dancer but he’s pretty good. Jake McIntyre did a pretty decent version of “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound”. Brendon Clark and LeAnn Hart are both very good singers. Flint (without his makeup) did a stirring version of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive”, it was AWESOME!! A lot of the bull riders are very good dancers. Saw Chris Shivers having WAY too much fun celebrating his birthday. Mike White is a pretty decent dirty dancer. My traveling partner, Ashley, won a pair of Rocky Boots. Tater Porter helped her pick her number that won her the boots (she had to pick a number between 1 and 100 – the number was 35 and she picked 9). Then Gerardo Venegas asked her how she picked her number…..I missed what his reply was cause I got run over by Evan Rasch…Then not long after that I ran into Cody Hart. For a guy how had the flu JW Hart was having a great time. Edgard Oliveria was at the party too….He looked really out of place…but he drinks Bud Light. Guilherme Marchi was there also with his little girl Manuela….She’s SOOOOOOOOO CUTE and daddy isn’t bad looking either. Andrea Moraes is a Bud Light drinker too….He had his little girl at the party too….Very cute little girl…Must run in the Moraes gene pool – the cute gene I mean. Must go falling off my shoes.

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