Thursday, December 11, 2008

Columbus Ohio PBR Dear Diary

The event that I went to was Columbus OH. My friend, my grandmother and myself drove 10 hours straight to go this event. My friend and I went to pre-event party in our Wisconsin gear and were told that “we had balls” wearing that stuff in Whiskey Dicks that night. Was a great time my friend tried to take out Mike Lee with an air hockey puck. I ran right into the middle of a group of PBR riders on my way to the bar (Most of them are taller in person - like I have to look up to talk to them tall). Got tipsy played some more air hockey and attempted a game of pool (that was a disaster - couldn’t tell which ball was the real ball or where the pockets really were). The following day just seemed to drag on FOREVER….we decided to have White Castle burgers for lunch (was NOT impressed at all), then after the White Castle disaster we got some ice cream to ease ourselves on our way back to the hotel. Know being as this was my first LIVE event I really didn’t now what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised when the first person that we saw at the beginning of the event was Mr. Flint Rasmussen wearing his red apparel because Ohio had played Michigan State that day. (Flint 4 President 2008)…I’ll be honest I went to see Flint but the bull riding was good too….LOTS of excitement (Pyro and all) AND we got lots of autographs…EVEN Adriano Moraes. Second night the exctiting ride Travis Briscoe made on LYJ and then LJ Jenkins winning the event that made the whole day worth suffering through.

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