Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicago PBR event Dear Diary

You’ll have to keep in mind that we were running on not a lot of sleep, not a lot of food in our tummy tum tum’s and were also not running on all cylinders either!

We left for Chicago about 10 am and when we started out we were playing “I Spy” until we got to Illinois….But the “I Spy” was Illinois so we had to stop. We almost died three times when I ran three stop signs (that I did not see) with in two minutes and within a few feet of the hotel. Well we’ve been in Chicago for about 1 hour and 35 minutes. Having a blast!!! (we spent a lot of time looking out the window into the parking lot for cowboy hats or the “welcome wagon” full of PBR riders) Yeah! Saw LJ Jenkins while checking in…..Fashion Report is: Baseball cap, Shorts, White T-shirt and flip flops carrying McDonalds! YEAH!

Hotel’s television sucks so we went down to the lobby(for Cowboy sightings) and watched Travis Briscoe float in pool, watched Helton Barbosa (with girlfriend/wife – she’s wearing rings the really expensive kind - in tow) and Guilherme Marchi (with family in tow) check in.…..Tandy even checked in while we were down there and gave Helton some advice/hand gestures about ordering a shoulder brace. Shortly before we came back up to the room (which is very nice by the way!) we saw both a wet “Pee Wee” and Chris Shivers. Traffic not so good but all flights in and out of O’Hare are running on schedule. There is a plane making final approach as I am writing this.

Ashley ran into Brian Canter….LITERALLY. He was in his bathing suit carrying a handful of towels and he was sprinting down the hall. I saw him as he was making final approach to his room he’s a funny little guy…wish he had a better weekend though!

6:00 pm we watched a bunch of the riders go off to work from our hotel window. Travis Briscoe (knew it was him cause of the shirt he was wearing and the “macaroni” in his hat!) was one of the for sure ones the others not so much.

Well at the event this evening Helton Barbosa won the round with an 89.00 on Sports Machine. No major wrecks that’s always a good thing. Wiley Petersen rode his bull tonight….he’s another $5,000.00 richer thanks to Enterprise Rent A Car…They’ll pick you up ya know!? Cory Rasch rode his bull also and the big bonus is that he DID NOT get hurt YET!!!

We went down to the bar for a little bit then decided to go back up to our room and wait until it was a little later in the evening. The highlight was that we were on the same floor as both the Moraes brothers and ROB SMETS (10th floor). We rode in the elevator with ROB SMETS….How COOOOOOOOOOOL IS THAT!?!?!?On our second trip to the bar I got off on the seventh floor thinking it was the lobby and Helton Barbosa and his girlfriend/wife happened to be getting on the elevator at the same time and the rest of the way down they looked at me funny. We also saw Ross Butt and Bohon Butt too. Ashley had a little bit too much to drink. Cory Rasch thought that I was some Erin…I’m not complaining. Colby Yates and Jake McIntyre were cranking out tunes on their guitars. Justin McBride was TRASHED and absolutely hilarious. Ross Butt was good as usual.

Round 2 action was pretty good! Well the event started out with Ashley giving the ticket guy the wrong ticket and drove all the way back to the hotel and tore the room apart only to find that her ticket for the second round was in her other back pocket! No really MAJOR injuries….Ross Coleman did get a boo boo though. We hope he’s alright. Cody Hart won the round with an 88.5. Chris Shivers was second in the round with an 88.25. Wiley Petersen is another $5,000.00 richer…He rode Ross Coleman’s bull Dakota Country. Flint broke his brat launcher today….bad news there. Flint also did the Boneless Chicken routine…Hilarious! The Battered Salmon routine was good also! Then on our way out I embarrassed myself and slipped and fell on the floor….I got an 82.5 with the option of a re-ride! Bruises forming on both knees quite nicely!

Rounds 3 and 4 were quite eventful…. Opening ceremonies were AWESOME!!! The new generation of GI Joe’s were inducted into the Armed Forces this evening. Then they welcomed home some veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom! Kyle Cudmore won the round with a 87.75 on Chili! Andre Moraes had a major hangup on Shane…He got his spur caught in his flank strap and he did a whirly-gig for at least 4 or 5 rotations. Guilherme came in second and he danced…..He shook his groove thing and all is well in the world! Cory Rasch came in third and he got hurt (no surprise) but played through the pain….YEAH!!!! Austin Meier won the event!

After Party….. $5.00 for a beer…..and I thought $3.00 at the hotel bar was bad! Ashley grew some cajones and asked for a picture with Ross Coleman. Austin Meier has a little tiny hindend….we found that out the “hard” way! Colby Yates cranked out some more tunes on his guitar! Ross Coleman smells really good (that’s directly from Ashley who got up close and personal with him).

Got “home” from the after party to find LJ Jenkins and Brian Canter sitting in the lobby on the really comfy cozy couches….Great finish to a great weekend!!!

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