Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A very interesting Tasty Tuesday

As promised...here is a very "special" Tasty Tuesday. Don't you just want to eat her up?! Her name is Onyx and she's an 8 month old Shiz Tu/Poodle mix and she's absolutely "massive" at 7 pounds. We're hoping that she'll be coming to live with us soon. Laci and I went to meet her this afternoon and she's soooooo adorable and all she want to do is be held and loved on....Two things she'll get a LOT of here at our house.


  1. She's adorable and I love her name!!

  2. WOOF WOOF....she is headed to a family who has the best LOVE SHACK for dogs... that is the word on the street ...LOL

    CONGRATS!~She is just precious!

  3. She looks a little bit the same size as our dog. So sweet!


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