Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Learning some new habits...

I am in the ongoing process of trying to teach myself to be better with my money....I've been pretty wishy washy in this department for a while now and with our economy the way it is right now I really think it's time to make it more of a priority. I've been reading a few new blogs on the "frugal" lifestyle and from what I've been reading I can totally do this.....I just need to be a little more aware of my spending habits. If anyone has and tips/"tricks" please feel free to share...I'm game for trying "new" things.

Keep checking back....I plan on sharing my finds/"tricks" with my bloggy pals.

On a different note.....Upon further review of my finance's, my bloggy giveaway has to be put on hold for a little while. There will be a giveaway, just need a little more "give" in my budget than what I have right now.


  1. Good luck with revising your spending plan!
    I used to be really bad about miscellaneous spending on little crap here or there. Those dollars add up. Then my hubby took over the finances and it helped a lot.

  2. You let us know when you've mastered the money skills. I need to know the secrets myself!
    Thanks for stopping by my saucy blog today!

  3. Good luck with that. One of my husband's most effective financial strategies is to get rid of all monthly payments that are possible to get rid of. Even $30 seems to make a difference each month if you don't have to pay it!

  4. ...being frugal is never a bad thing. I have yet to master this "art" though. I'll look forward to checking back for tips!

  5. I have a set amount I spend on groceries and try to go grocery shopping only on paydays. The more I go, the more junk I tend to pick up. And I try to remember to bring my own drinks to work because the ones we have in the drink machines cost more.

  6. Never shop when you're hungry!

    Set aside in savings a fixed amount every month before you pay your bills!

    Marry rich!

    The Texas Woman

  7. Oh good luck with that!!! I shop organic....I have to be careful not to over spend.

  8. Good luck getting your finances in order and establishing new habits. It's hard, but worth it!

  9. I will be interested in what you come up with.


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