Friday, March 13, 2009

I became a Partner In Hope

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Welcome to my major blessing for the week.....This week one of our local radio stations had their 14th annual St. Judeathon, I've been listening to the St. Judeathon for the last few years, a couple of years ago the radio stations morning show hosts vowed that if a certain amount of money was raised for St. Jude during the radioathon that at the end they would shave their heads.....Needless to say we radio listeners rose to the challenge and the radio hosts shaved their heads on the air. Now they are doing things differently, but I finally took the plunge. I became a Partner In Hope, for $20 a month I am helping children with cancer from all over the globe who come to St. Jude to receive treatment.

I became a Partner In Hope because their are parent's out there who just can't afford the treatments that their child needs to get rid of this terrible illness...At St. Jude the hospital covers ALL costs of treatment from donations from people like me and you as well as fundraising. I became a Partner In Hope because it can/could happen to you or me, because cancer knows no age. I became a Partner In Hope because we need to find a cure for this horrible illness. I became a Partner In Hope because if it were me in the shoes of some of these parents, I would like to know that their are people out there "behind the scenes" helping to keep St. Jude up and running....Did you now that the daily operating cost for St. Jude is nearly $1.4 million which is primarily covered by public donations?

As a Partner In Hope I will be receiving a monthly newsletter from St. Jude, which will feature a patient of the month (the cutie in the picture is this month's patient of the month, click on her picture to read her story) and all sorts of information about the research that is being done at the hospital. I will also be receiving the peace of mind that my donation is helping to find a cure for Childhood Cancer. Knowing that the research done at St. Jude (which is shared with hospitals all over the globe) could mean for a family that in the future there will be kindergarten, Middle School, prom, High School graduation, broken curfew's, college and a long happy life for their child. That feeling right there is the best feeling in the world for me, knowing I'm helping a whole bunch of someone's I've probably never met before and giving kids from all over the place a fighting chance, well that beats Chocolate right there. For the record I am a Chocolate FREAK!

Here are a few links for you to check out if you would like:

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I want to encourage you to become a Partner In Hope because together we can find a cure for Childhood Cancer. Please click on the St. Jude logo to become a Partner In Hope.

Here is a video with the song Where Angel's Hang Around that Country artist James Otto put on his recent album Sunset Man....The song is entirely about St. Jude....The video itself was done in memory of a St. Jude patient who passed away May 9, 2005.


  1. I will for sure visit these links in the morning, its off to bed now. :)

    Have a great weekend and dont miss my first Monthly Miracles post if you havent read it already!

    Love and Prayers,


  2. That was a lovely post. So many charities that do amazing and wonderful things depend on public support. This is one cause worth giving to.

  3. I can never resist St. Jude, although I don't contribute monthly, I always slip a check in the mail when they send me an envelope. Nice of you to share where your heart is.

  4. Hey girl! I hate to elave a random comment.. but you won the Twilight giveaway!! Email me your info.. my contact button is on my blog!

  5. What an awesome thing to do! My kids are participating in Relay for Life (another major cancer research fundraiser) so that's my cause this year.


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