Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Sort of

Cause my Steelers are going to the SUPER BOWL and the quarterback isn't exactly "Terrible" to look at!

ESPN ranked Steelers fan the best fans in America - but everyone already knew that!! They based their ranking on (1=GREAT; 5=worst):

Stadium factor (loud? great atmosphere?) - our rank: 1

Live and die factor (fans take loss hard? ESPN considers this a good thing) - 1

Traveling road show factor (big presence in other stadiums?) - 2

Loyalty when team sucks (score points by sticking with loser) - 1

Hate factor (other teams fans hate your fans; this is good according to ESPN) - 1

Tailgate factor (home tailgates sizzling or stale?) - 2

Home fans creativity (wacky ideas or not?) - 2

TOTAL (adding up the above rankings) - 10 (we actually tied with Greenbay Packers fans with the total, but think that sellouts and season-ticket waiting list placed us above them) -- SEE BELOW


Consecutive sellouts: 299 Season-ticket waiting list: More than six years

No team is as woven into the fabric of a city. The organization's stability has a lot to do with it, as generations of Steelers fans relate to the tradition of ownership (Rooneys), smashmouth football, quality head coaches (league-low three since 1969) and success (five Super Bowl titles). The season-ticket waiting list is extremely long and the consecutive sellout streak of 299 games, including playoffs, is unbelievable. -- James Walker

The text above was obtained from: Steel City Sports Fan (Steelers Edition)


  1. Heck Yea!!! Pittsburghs Going To The Superbowl! HERE WE GO!!!

  2. Augh, a Steelers fan - good for you!

    Thanks for stopping by my SITS featured blog today. I love meeting new bloggers!

  3. Not a football fan, but I might watch to see him in a uniform. Yummy!


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