Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Moderate or Not that is the question?

For a little while now I've been moderating my comments just to test the waters a little bit and I've noticed that recently the comments have dropped off drastically. I've found that I had better success with commenting when I was not moderating my comments. So my questions to you are: What are your feelings on moderating comments? Do you moderate your comments or would you ever consider moderating your comments? Do you tend to not comment on blogs that have comment moderation enabled and why?

The "Great Blog Makeover" commenses after my nap....I hope you all like it!


  1. I loved Top Gun but enough about me...No, wait, you asked my opinion on something. Wonder what it was. Oh, yeah, moderation. On my main blog I moderate if the post is over 5 posts old. That's just so I'll be sure to see people commenting on the older posts. I moderate all comments on my SHUFFLE blog for the same reason.

    I'll comment on any blog, moderated or not! I'm so wordy I don't care if a blog moderates or not. I'm just thrilled someone listens to me at some point!

    The Texas Woman

  2. I don't mind comment moderation on other blogs, but I wouldn't want to deal with it on my blog, only because I'm lazy, and the simpler the better.

  3. My only complaint with moderated blogs is not being able to read my comment right away. 'Cause I rarely proofread before I hit submit, so then I like to see my comment and comment again with corrections/clarifications if need be. LOL!

    I don't moderate comments myself, because I'm lazy. I even got rid of the word verification for the New Year (lots of people were complaining about it). So far I've only had one spammy comment, whew!

    Off to see if I can find you on Twitter.... :D

  4. I'm a blabber, I comment even if I have to register somewhere. I moderate on my blog because trolls came a visiting. They didn't like my critical nature. Now that's all well and good but I am not going to change my writing just because the preachers wife doesn't like my not so happy posts. That's not what my blogging is about and I'm not going to change it. Now if you don't have that problem don't bother comment moderation. Really I only use it for the trolls. If I don't comment on P Dub's website I don't get them. Funny that huh?

  5. It doesn't bother me when people moderate. I don't even notice when I start a comment, only when I finish with the comment.

    For the record, I don't moderate and I have had only once instance when I had to delete a comment.

  6. My theory is that people are more willing to leave a comment if they see that someone else has already broken the ice. If the moderation is on, that first comment is hidden until you check your e-mail 4 hours later, so it looks like no one wanted to respond. Also? Comment moderation makes me feel like all my effort might go in the delete pile if it isn't "acceptable".

    Unless you're writing something really confrontational and you're afraid of a slew of hate comments, I'd leave it off.

  7. I dont moderate, I havent really run into any reason to do so. I will comment on blogs with moderation...doesnt stop me!

  8. I like the makeover! I don't moderate comments on my blogs, but it doesn't bother me that others do. I still comment.

  9. In the beginning I did moderate blog comments...but it was not really the best way for me. Besides, as a blog owner you can delete the "comment" if you desire...
    So far I have had to delete two...not so bad :)

    I say do what works for you and your readers :)

  10. I'm too lazy to moderate, but it doesn't matter to me one way or the other if someone else does.

  11. Hmmmmm... well I don't moderate - but only because I don't have a TON of people posting on my blog! lol
    I am sure if someone wrote something rude or hurtful I would erase it once I saw it - but I am not even sure I would do that.
    It takes a lot to hurt my feelings so I wouldn't do it for that reason.
    I would say no!

  12. I do moderate and have not considered taking it off until now. I do not get tons of comments generally so maybe if I take it off I will get more. Also, not having to worry about going back to moderate would be nice.

    I leave comments whether moderation is on or off. It does not matter to me.

    I like your blog design.

  13. I moderate. It's my blog and I have the right to control the content. I leave comments regardless of moderation controls. I believe if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  14. Comment moderation can be a great thing.
    I don't moderate but due to a WP plug-in, 99% of first time commenters or comments with links in them get put into pending for me to approve/disapprove. That's nice.

    One of the thing I love about comments is that they can spark conversation, or inspire other commenters as well as help people to find new people to read.
    IMO, comment moderation often hinders that.
    But that's just my opinion and who am I? Right :-)

    as long as you don't have that blasted word verification :-) I am apparently not human enough for those!


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