Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Giant Wave....

I try to very rarely post about my job here on my blog. There are a lot of things that I like about my job but there are even more things that I DON'T like about my job that if I posted them here and someone found it and turned it over to my big boss, well it could cost me my job, so I just don't. Well today, I'm kinda throwing caution to the wind and posting about our "Giant Wave" thing that we have going on at work.

Here's a little info about our store. On the overnight side of things the layout of the store is broken down into "waves." For example, we have the infants wave (which is all the baby stuff minus 90% of the clothes, toys, sporting goods and luggage), the middle wave (which is auto, chemicals, domestics, and plastics), the front wave (which is the office supplies, small appliances and kitchen gadgets), then there is softlines, H&B, Electronics, market and a couple of smaller areas in the store that are assigned to one or two people to complete before their shift is over.

Now on to the "Giant Wave." The people who aren't assigned to area's like softlines, H&B or the other smaller area's of the store make up the "Team Wave" (which is what I refer to as the "Giant Wave"), which is usually about 10+ people who work each wave in the store as a group before moving on to the next wave. In the beginning of the "Giant Wave" it was run soooo inefficiently that I hated it. Then Christmas came along and we hired some real "winners" that made being a part of the "Giant Wave" completely unbearable. You have to work TWICE as hard because these people don't feel that they have to do anything.

Well now that Christmas is over and all the "winners" are no longer with us, thank God for the term "SEASONAL Employment!" The "Giant Wave" is running much smoother these days and we're actually getting all the work done with time to spare. I still hate it, just not as bad as at the beginning.

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  1. You work retail...all night! Hence the term overnight zombie! Me thinks I get the picture!

    The Texas Woman


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