Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is the story of a girl

This is the story of a girl and a nickname. When I started out blogging I was "just" Jamie. I was totally content with being "just" Jamie too, but then I found my blogging pal Trainwreck (TW to her blogging peeps) over at Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets. Y'all should seriously check out her blog by the way....she's got a wicked sense of humor and on top of that she's a phenominal artist/photographer! Well getting back to my story....My pal TW gave me a nickname....BITRCountryGirl because my first blog name (before the name change and then all the other troubles I was having) was Bumps In The Road: A Country Girl Trapped In Yuppie "Hell". TW took the first letters of Bumps in the Road and got the BITR and then added the CountryGirl to the end of it and now I'm BITRCountryGirl. But then there was a bit of confusion pertaining to my nickname....people actually thought that I was bitter and I'm really not. So I temporarily dropped my nickname after I moved back here to Blogger but now she's back and ready to take on the blogging world! And in the words of Paul Harvey "now you know....the rest of the story."


  1. I'm glad you cleared that up cause I was kinda confused.

  2. haha I thought it was bitter too way back when I first found your blog, but I thought it was a joke since you didnt seem bitter at all!

  3. Why must you confuse me??? Lol~kidding!

  4. I love it! It totally works for you!


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