Friday, December 12, 2008

My dog wears clothes and a few other blessings...

Because the groomer had to shave Laci down....It's actually a pretty long story, but the reader's digest version is that Laci wouldn't let me brush her because the bristles on the brush we bought when we adopted her were to rough on her skin so she got some mats in her "Cocker" cut that the groomer was unable to get out.....She has to have a little coat now when she goes outside so she doesn't get cold.

So these are Laci's new clothes. She's so cute in them! Moving on......I've become one of the "cool" kids again.....I went out and purchased The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion to the movie Twilight. I can hardly wait to start reading! Moving on again....Friday's here at Have Inspiration.....Will Travel are the day that I post my blessings for the week. So without further adue.....My blessings for this week.

It's actually been a pretty uneventful week to be honest. We survived the first "major" snow storm of the season....The farmer's almanac was right AGAIN! My parents got their first "real" cell phones ever (no more pre-paid phones for them) and are really happy with them....they can even sort of make them work too! I got my hair cut on Wednesday.....I've actually got shape to my hair now. I renewed my cell phone contract with US Cellular and my new cell phone is in the mail...Did you know that you can activate your phone from your house? I did not know that....I learned something new!


  1. Oh the doggie clothes are so cute! Glad you're enjoying a new haircut, that always feels good. Have a nice weekend!

  2. We had to get our Goldendoodle completely shaved in August because our neighbours are nobs and their kids were throwing wads of chewed gum into our yard in order to get Casey to go to the fence and play with them. Well guess who got all that gum in his fur and it matted? It was awful. He didn't look like the same dog at all.

    I love your the little outfits you've got for Laci though. Too cute! I don't think Casey would tolerate me putting him in anything at all! *lol*

  3. Awww... Laci's little clothes are SO cute! What a stylin' dog!

  4. Cocker fur is atrocious when it comes to matting we've bred them to have cotton fur and it's terrible to keep dematted. Have you tried a Furminator on her? They are kinda expensive but work really well. Love the dog clothes! I love to dress up the dogs but the hubby hates it. I just ordered a Foggy Mtn dog coat for Corbie, the dh thinks I'm nuts. Which should not come as a surprise to him.


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