Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is this bad?

Is it bad that I've been up for a little over 2 hours now and all I've done is blog?


  1. Hi......
    Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting.... Wishing you " A Happy New Year''

  2. Nope! I think it's great :)
    I slept lousy, and just got on the laptop
    Happy New Year

  3. Girl I do the same thing!! I woke up 50 minutes plan was to sit down for 30 and just browse facebook and my blog. Then I would go clean....haha, right! We are all guilty!

  4. Ummm...isn't that what we all do first thing in the morning?

    Happy New Year to ya!

  5. LOL! This blogging sure is addicting to say the least! When your 'connection' is's a horrible feeling not being able to check in on everyone!
    HOpe you have a wonderful New Year Jamie!

  6. I have once sat my but at the computer for a whole day, and got nothing else done. We all do it.

    Have a Wonderful and Prosperous 2009!

  7. I'm doing the same thing here while counting down for New Year! :) Happy New year!

  8. I think blogging is healthy. I'd rather blog than watch the tellie! And who doesn't love reading a few posts while enjoying a bowl of Special K? Happy New Year!


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