Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Movie Numero 7 ~ Mr. Holland's Opus

I haven't done a movie post in a little while so I thought that I would introduce my readers to another movie that I think you should see before you die. The movie I've chosen this time around is Mr. Holland's Opus. AWESOME movie!

Richard Dreyfuss plays Glenn Holland who is a professional musician who would like to spend more time working on the piece that he is composing, so in 1965 he takes up teaching music at a local high school. Little does he know that there won't be very much "free time" as a teacher.

In the beginning, Mr. Holland is frustrated that he is unable to connect with his students, but over time he becomes very successful at his profession. At home though, he is struggling with with a major "issue" surrounding his son and struggles through the years to develop any kind of relationship with him. When the music program is cut after 30 years, Mr. Holland wonders what, if anything, he really has accomplished in his life.


  1. This movie was OUTSTANDING! talk about a tear jerker. i could watch it over and over. Nice choice.

    Make sure you join us at The Fort on Thursday for Vlogemotions! Its going to be so much fun! Great way to get traffic to your site too.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. I have heard very good things about this movie.

  3. Oh man I lovedddddd this movie!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!! Hope you have a super fantabulous Wednesday!

  4. this really a great movie, i think ill put it in my netflicks que

  5. One of my favorites. This was an AWESOME movie!

  6. I LOVE this movie - I also love this idea of writing about your top 100 movies. How fun is that.


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