Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guest Blog: Gettin' Crazee Up in Here

Happy weekend to everyone out there....

I'm Juls from "Every Day is a Crazee Day" and I'm ecstatic to be guest blogging here at Bumps in the Road. So, I'd like to say thankyouverymuch to Jamie for letting me come & share some crazee stuff with you...

Today, I'd like to chat with you about nothing in particular.

Wait, wait ....come back. Don't clickety click off to another blog just yet.... I promise to be somewhat interesting.... Okay, maybe worth reading? Who knows?

So, people often ask me,

"Juls, why is every day such a crazee day?"
And the answer is simple really.... life in general is crazee...don't ya think? It all depends on what we like to concentrate on, and as for me.... I tend to lean toward focusing on those things in life that make each day unusual....

So, without further ado, (and because I have a mad crush on none other than David Letterman) here are the:


10. Everyone I know, needs an intervention of some sort. Probably means I need an intervention too... So I'm always half expecting for some documentary crew to show up, and ask: "Do you agree to be in a documentary about...fill in crazee behavior of your choice here.."

9. My kids are so busy, that most days we meet ourselves coming in the door as we're going out the door.

8. There is hardly ever a day that I don't either a) wet my pants from laughing so hard, or b) nearly wet my pants from laughing so hard. Yes, I know there's medication for this. Yes, I am considering seeking medical advice to obtain said medication.

7. I never go looking for drama, but it always seems to find me. For example: I once was driving down the street...and nearly ran over a 2 year old little boy...who was totally alone. No joke--- no parents for miles...(it wasn't a residential street) of course I pull over and have to hold some random baby, wait for the police, and then when the police arrive--- they won't let me leave, because they thought I *might* have been some crazee lady who was a remorseful kidnapper. (It all turned out fairly uneventfully and little baby boy was returned home safely)

6. I have two tween girls, need I say more?!?

5. Every day, as I drive to pick my kids up from school, I pass the same pasture that is home to a "herd" of cattle...and I always wonder what those cows are thinking... Who does that?

4. Two of my brothers-in-law have had the same wife. WHAT! Yes--it's true. But luckily, not at the same time. So some of my nieces and nephews are cousins/step-siblings.

3. If I haven't pulled off a good prank--I somehow feel inadequate.

2. My days begin at 6 a.m. and most of the time, I don't go to bed before 2 a.m. So I run around like a crazee zombie function on 4 hours of sleep.

and the Number 1 Reason why "Every Day is a Crazee Day..."

1. Most of my good buddies are not buddies I have ever met, but people who like to get Crazee and read my blog and/or I read theirs. Hey, I'm not discounting these friendships, but I do have a real issue with most of my IRL (in real life) friends--because remember......???? THEY ALL NEED INTERVENTIONS.


So tell me, friends of Jamie, and hopefully friends of me too-- what is it that makes your days crazee? Is it crazee in-laws, kids, a strange boss, your weird addiction to the Home Shopping Network? We all have a little crazee in us, are you willing to embrace your inner crazee?

Oh, and by the way- if you wanted to know what crazee looks like ....

(L-R) Hannah Grace, Big Daddy, Me, & Miss Mae --The Crazee Scotts


  1. Haha! I loved your top ten list. That was great. I think almost everyone we know could stand an intervention of sorts, too. Ha!! Good thing for crazee sane bloggy friends!

  2. OK, so I'm still stuck on you having to be suspect as a possibly crazy remorseful kidnapper when you rescued that poor little tot. What kind of a crazy world is this????!!!

    I have 5 kids. My life is very busy. I think I could spend almost all day every day just cleaning up and doing household projects. But I don't often have any uninterrupted time. Add in sports, piano, volunteering at the kids' school, homework for the kids, and cooking meals, not to mention fun family activities and ... I wouldn't say that my life is crazy, just sometimes too much is going on. I think I would mostly prefer to be on a beach sipping a pina colada!

  3. Great guest post!

    I can't believe you function on 4 hours of sleep. That is insane.

  4. ok, i went over to the pasture and interviewed said cows. they want to know why you are always stalking them. everyday you come by....slow down and look at them really hard. they are worried. they know you are thinking about rump roast and bar b que ribs and the such. said cows are thinking that that crazee lady will jump from her car one day with maniacal laughter, scale the fence and chase them for the next feast of the crazee scotts.


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