Thursday, February 12, 2009

My random question for the day

Do any of the dog owners out there feed there dog(s) Solid Gold brand dog food or know anyone who has? We just switched Laci to it and are looking for some feedback from others on the brand.

P.S. Does anyone out there know how to take care of medical stitches?....I had a small "mass" removed from my right leg this morning and now I have 3 stitches that I need to take care of for two weeks and I have no idea what I'm doing. They did tell me how to take care of them but I do much better with written information, that and they told me at about 6000 miles an hour and about all I caught was "come back in two weeks to get them taken out."


  1. Yes, Solid Gold dog food is excellent and I would know because I am a dog food snob and used to even feed raw (looong story). I couldn't keep my dogs on it because they are boxers and have what is so affectionately called 'Boxer butt'. Their tummies just can't handle concentrated protein, it's bad and makes it hard to put them on quality food.
    The stitches, keep the area clean and don't go scrubbing it or anything (like you would right?). Other than that leave them alone. Let the area get air unless they told you to cover it for some reason. Usually they don't. They also normally don't want you cleaning it with anything strong but it depends on what kind of stuff they were doing. And none of teat Neosporin crap either, doctors hate it. On that note, do what the instructions tell you to do! Consequences usually suck.

  2. The dog food I can't help you with. I buy the cheap stuff. The stitches...well I've had a few. Like Michelle said, do not put Neosporin on them because they need to stay dry and do not cover them unless you are going to be doing something that could get them dirty. One good thing to do after taking a shower is to dry them off with a hair dryer set on low heat. Otherwise just leave them alone.

  3. Sorry wish I can help but nope, don't have doggies. I had stitches on my lower leg before and all you need is just make sure the stitched are is clean and dry. When the wound has healed{or closed up} properly, then you go back so they can "yanked" what remains of the strings. Well, that's what they did with mine anyway.

  4. We don't have a dog, but if you need advice on turtle food, I can help you.

    When I had stiches for my C-section, I just kept them dry and clean. If they get too red and painful, call the doctor. I'm sure that they would rather give you advice over the phone then have you come in with an infection.


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