Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Blessings

It's Friday again so it's time for my blessings for the week. This week has been a pretty "blah" week for me...Nothing all that interesting has happened around here. Let's see if I can find some blessings in all the "blahness" that has been my week.

I got last Saturday off for my birthday....It pretty much snowed all day so we stayed home, had some t-bone steaks for dinner, ate some birthday cake and watched some Gone with the Wind. Pretty relaxing birthday....Loved it.

Sunday and Monday were pretty "blah"....the only upside to Monday was I ended up going to our offsite warehouse at work....which I actually like doing....Some people HATE going to our warehouse....I on the other hand LOVE going to our warehouse.

Tuesday.....Didn't do much....Had a miserable headache so I went to bed early and got close to 13 hours of sleep. Yeah me!

Wednesday....My mom and I got started on our Business venture....Got a bunch of fabric and have about 7 apron's cut out....Will get pictures of the prototype posted just as soon as I find it again....Dang thing grew legs and walked away when I wanted to take it's picture.

Thursday....I got my stitches taken out....Literally took less than 3 minutes. Got some pretty serious uglyness going on where the stitches were though...Not real happy about that but I guess it could be worse right? Photo's coming soon. Got a lot of rain, which was supposed to freeze and make things really interesting around here, I'm hoping I can actually get things done tomorrow.

Friday....Bidding on some vintage apron patterns on ebay....I hope I win at least one of the 2 that I'm bidding on. That would be AWESOME! Don't really have much planned for today...Going to do some laundry, hopefully win at least one pattern, maybe do some sewing, and whatever else may trip my fancy today. I don't work tonight so I've got alot of time on my hands today to pretty much anything I want. That makes me happy!


  1. That's cool you didn't have to work on your bday! I always hate working on my bday.

  2. Always good to have a day off, especially for your birthday!

    (I've gotta go check out your new blog!)

  3. Your birthday sounds very relaxing. The steaks are sounding very good right now.

    Any time you are bidding on something from ebay it makes life at little bit more exciting!

  4. I love Gone with the Wind. It's one of my very favorite movies. Sounds like you had lots of extra free time to enjoy this week. That's a big blessing!


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