Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Check this out!

I have been in the process of growing my hair out for a little over a year now. When I started it was REALLY short...I unfortuantely could not find a picture of myself with my super short without further adue I give you Alyssa Milano with super short hair.I took some pictures this morning of my progress so far....Check these out!
It's about jaw length now but it's still driving me crazy because it's in that stage where you can only do so much with it.

This is how my hair is usually "done" a little pony tail near the top of my head or in a headband.

Check out how long thos bangs are! Lip level y'all!


  1. I could never pull off hair that short!!

  2. It looks cute pulled back.

    So did you really have it as short as alyssa? I once cut my hair super short. It was kind of fun growing it out. I used all sorts of clips and things. I don't know that I'd go back, but it was annoying and fun.

  3. Hey! You can put it in two cute pony tails. I does look good pulled back.

  4. Are you trying to grow it all out the same length?

    I have a friend with hair about your length. She does cute stuff with it like putting the bangs back in twists with bobby pins and then make a couple cute ponies with the rest. Like art deco hair.

    Mine's almost down to my ass now. Don't wanna cut it but I have awful split ends. I bet your hair is really healthy huh?

  5. I feel your pain. I've been working on growing out my hair for a loong time, and it just feels like it's growing so slowly. When it's that long though you CAN start to French braid it :) Into two brains.

  6. It's cute! I love how it frames your face!


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