Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bathing Ms. Laci

Last Tuesday morning when I got home I decided that it was bath day for Ms. Laci. Ms. Laci had been needing a bath for a little while now and I just went ahead and gave her one. Needless to say, she wasn't my biggest fan for awhile.

This turns into this......

Angry and pissed....Can't even look at me...Oh but then you add this.....

And you get some more of this.....

Angry and pissed off and not looking at me...."But you'll smell sooo good Laci"....

"See....It's Pomegranate Passion...AND as an added bonus it'll help with your shedding"......

Nope...Still angry and pissed off...."But Laci, we're rinsing it all out now, we're just about done!"

"Did you say RINSE?! This Chinese Water Torture is almost over?!"

"Yup, it's almost over...Now hold still so I can lift you out of the tub!"

Angry and pissed off Cocker Spaniel with her own towel turns into....Extremely happy and fluffy/wavy Cocker Spaniel when the towel doesn't completely do the job and you have to bring out the "big guns".......


"Oh, that feels good!"

Check out those wave's y'all!....Oh what's this?!



  1. Hiya!!! Oh man... Ms Laci gave me a sore tummy from keeling over too much! :P Too cute!!! Awesome pictures - oh, and I love that bling!

  2. Your dog is adorable and her color reminds me of my childhood dog "coco". Can you guess how we picked that name?

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day - sorry it took so long to come over - I am still catching up with everyone!

  3. How precious. I need to give mine a bath.

  4. Wet and pissed! I've been there!!! Laci's face says it all. Great pictures.

    The Texas Woman

  5. Very cute and funny. I have to find some of that shampoo. Yes for my dog!

  6. Oh I LOVE the collar! (I mean bling!) You are so lucky you can actually wash your dog in the bath tub! We have to take ours to the doggy wash, he's too big for the tub.

    What a cutie she is!

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  8. She's a cutie! Thanks sooo much for stopping by the blog AND being a follower! I am SOOO excited about 6 followers!! =)

  9. Cute dog! I bet she smells great! We need to bathe our dog, soon. :)

  10. LOL, oh my.. she's a dog gone cutie!


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