Friday, January 9, 2009

Repost - Blessings Bloggy Friend Edition

It’s Friday again and usually I do a post about all the things that I’m thankful for that happened during the week. This week I’m doing a little something different and I’m picking a certain “area” of my life to blog about. This week I’m gonna talk about all my bloggy friends! You know who you are!

I’m ALWAYS thankful for my bloggy friends because it really doesn’t matter what’s going on on my blog…..whether I’m complaining about my dog (who can be a real pain in the butt) or launching into a tirade about how our new boss at work is jerking us around and treating us unfairly….there’s always someone out there on my blog list that will say something extremely encouraging and I always feel a TON better.

As I’ve posted before I’m trying to lose a bunch of weight before my trip to Idaho (to see my cowboys again) in April and I’m always getting words of encouragement from my bloggy peeps and my new bloggy peeps…..Encouragement like that from people that I don’t know personally other than through their blogs means a lot to me and keeps me going to reach my goal.

Basically this week my blessings are to you my blogging peeps. Love you all and can hardly wait to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods!



  1. i agree, it is amazing how many wonderful people there are out here in blogland!

  2. i am so gratful for my bloggy friends too...they mean so much to me!

  3. I love bloggy friends. P.S. nice background!

  4. And as one of your bloggy friends, (I hope) I am grateful for you!

  5. Bloggy friends are THE BEST!

  6. Blogging just wouldn't be fun without blog buddies!


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