Thursday, December 11, 2008

An open letter to my hair

This was actually taken a few months ago. My hair is now down to my jaw level.

Dear Hair,

I have been in the process of growing you out for a little over a year now and as much as I love the progress we have made together, I really wish you would grow a little faster. I really would love to be able to do something fun, styling wise with you but right now we are in that "icky" stage where there just aren't all that many styling options.

We've come a long ways and I am not going to give up just yet, but I would soooo love it if I were actually able to style you in some way when Ashley and I go to Nampa in April to see our Cowboys. I hope I haven't upset you tooooo much with my "express myself with a new hair color" stage.....that would be really upsetting to me. Even though I'm not a real big fan of my natural hair color.....Dishwater blond is kinda blah in my opinion. I've even given that up until you get a little longer.....I hope you don't mind?

Well, I guess now that I've made my wishes known I'll keep taking my vitamins and experiment and see if I can't find a couple of different ways to style you until you get a little bit longer. So GROW, GROW like the wind!

P.S. Bangs same goes for you....Your driving me NUTS!



  1. Oh, I so know what you are going through!

  2. Hey, at least YOUR growing-out hell doesn't include looking like the love child of Wolverine and Beethoven. Nope, that's all me, baby! :D

    In other words, I feel your pain!!!

  3. I can't do bangs. They make me look goofy. Especially when they were feathered.

  4. Here's sending you some "grow hair" wish! I like short hair tho. The only reason I'm growing my hair long now is so I can donate it again this year.

  5. You want to talk about bangs. Did you read my post about cutting my own bangs? I mean rally I am just asking for it. Don't give up on the growing of the hair. In response to our dog's and how well they vacuum. I just don't like it when they empty the bag.


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