Monday, December 15, 2008

Need some suggestions

I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday and I'm in need of some suggestions for foods that I can eat "comfortably" for a couple of days at least....I'd like to add a little more than Jello, Pudding and yogurt to my recouping time.


  1. When my hubby had his wisdom teeth out about 8 years ago, he ate a lot of mashed potatoes, omelets (just with cheese) and smoothies. The thing is, sucking on a straw is actually not good (something about dislodging the clot) so if you *do* go the smoothie or milkshake route, you have to make them thin enough to actually drink from a glass and avoid straws. Oh, he also ate a few bean and cheese burritos (though he avoided salsa and anything else spicy).

    Oh - another hint: Hubby's oral surgeon gave him a relatively hefty dose of ibuprofen shortly before the surgery. This was an option to help keep the swelling down afterwards, and darned if it didn't work! He had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and had very little swelling. Might be something to check with your doc about...

    Good luck! I had my wisdom teeth removed over Spring break of my senior year of high school. Yeah, *that* was a good time. I only had three but one was way down in the jawbone so it was major surgery. (I knew that ahead of time; it wasn't like I got in there and they went "whoa nelly!" but you know, they had to come out regardless....)

  2. mashed potatos, apple sauce, soup with not a lot of stuff to chew....I think that is what I lived on for a few days after

  3. Chicken noodle soup, Jamba Juice smoothies, malts, mashed potatoes. I'm trying to think of dinner stuffs here. I ate too much stuff after my wisdom teeth came out and I got a nasty pocket infection. Don't do that, it's bad.

  4. Oh I'm sorry. Getting the wisdom teeth out is not so fun. I only remember eating chicken noodle soup (I prefer Campbell's). I hope you have a quick recovery for the holidays!

  5. eek. I lived on frozen yorgurt and sorbet. Also soups were ok., just make sure they arent too hot! My mom made me a bunch of mashed potatoes too!

  6. go with the milk shakes, they are good...and good for ya!

    Good luck!


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