Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Blessings

It's friday again! So it's time to post my blessings for the week. It's been pretty much a quiet week around here at my house. Monday night into Tuesday morning I get two gold stars for not killing my brother's fiancee at work....Lets just say she thought she could do whatever the heck she wanted when ever she wanted and it wasn't flying. Tuesday was pretty quiet around here...not much went on...ate my last "real food" meal and waited for Wednesday morning to get here. Wednesday I got my wisdom teeth pulled....I have no idea what I was soooo freaked out about....I'm a big time woose when it comes to needles and this one wasn't very big or very scary at all. Thursday, I recieved 2 blog awards....Which actually makes my week really.....I knowing that people are actually reading what I post and like it. We're also bracing for a big time snow storm.....close to a foot of snow and even a little more on top of that on Saturday into Sunday.

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