Monday, December 29, 2008

And then there was the candy dish....

I saw this post over at Terri's blog and felt that I should share this story with you. This past Saturday night at work I spent the vast majority of my shift working out the majority of our remaining Christmas merchandise out to the sales floor with a couple of coworkers. It was all pretty unexciting stuff until we came to this box that had candy dishes in it. Now these were no ordinary candy dishes...Well really they looked like urns but that's besides the point. Well to say that the handle on the lid of these candy dishes were inapporpriate looking is being nice. To be totally honest the handle on these candy dishes/urns looked like the tip of a vibrator. And because it was near the end of the night for most of us we showed them to anyone who would look!

The moral of the story: Don't let tired overnight workers "play" with "inappropriate" holiday merchandise, if you don't want everyone to know about it.


  1. That is too funny, Jamie!!

    You have me all curious now to see the lid! haha

  2. Pictures! Can you get a picture? Sounds hilarious!


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