Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Favorite "J"'s

I got my letter from Heather over at This is the Day...PS118:24. The letter that I was given was "J"....So here are 10 things that came to mind for this little game. Please leave a comment here or at Heather's blog if you'd like to play and we'll give you a random letter.

1. John Wayne - I love me some John Wayne. I don't really know what it is that draws me to his movies but there are very few that I don't like....even though I'm partial to his westerns. Did you know that he was 13 pounds when he was born (I took a tour of the house that he was born in while on our way to Omaha this past April)?

2. Jack Daniels - Though I've never actually tried it, I just love the whole "rugged" look of the labels, etc.
3. Justin Boots - For the country girl in me. That and the occasional trip to PBR events. I have a pair and I LOVE them.

4. Strawberry Jelly - I love homemade, canned jelly/jam but even store bought strawberry jam rocks my world.

5. Blue Jeans - I'm totally a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I've never been a real "girly" girl, I guess that's one of the downsides of being 1 of 3 girls on both sides of your family. I'm partial to Silver brand jeans myself, a little bit on the expensive side but oh so worth the money in my opinion anyway.

6. June - Is my second favorite month behind February (my birthday month). It's not to cool but it's not outragously hot yet either. Just the way I like it.

7. JB Mauney - One of my favorite bullriders. He's one of the younger guys but he's definately not exactly difficult to look at either. If you ever hear him talk he's got a drawl about him that I just love.

8. Julio Moreno - Is one of my favorite stock contractors for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders). He's also the owner to my favorite bull in the PBR, Troubador (which I sooooo would have used except his name doesn't start with a "J").

Julio is on the right

9. Little Yellow Jacket - He's THE "man." The only 3-time world champion bucking bull ever in the history of the sport. One of the sports highest scores (96.5 out of 100 points) was put on him the year that he was retired.

10. Jelly Belly's - I love me some Jelly Belly's! There are soooo many different flavors you just never know what your going to get....That's what I love about them....that and they taste oh so good!


  1. Somehow I missed it! Those are great....and I love jelly belly too!

  2. Great job with "J".

    You're right, that's a tough one.

  3. That was fun! Silver jeans? Where can you buy those? I want to see them. I am totally a jeans girl too!


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